About Us

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What’s in a name? A lot, or so we think. Hence ours is The Agenda. We decided from the start to lay our cards on the table and be honest about writing with an agenda. To us, this means voicing our opinions, insights, and individual voices – which we will not hide. This doesn’t mean we’re a forum for biased rambling. Rather, we strive for reasoned, researched and informed comment and analysis of topical issues.
Follow us, Tweet us, let us know what you think, but whatever you do, don’t hide your agenda.

We are  Christopher Udemans, Kim Harrisberg, Francois Bandenhorst, Xanthe Hunt,  Gerrit van Rooyen, and Justice Khumela.

Francois Badenhorst is a good boy; a kind boy. He reads, he breathes. Sometimes he’s too timid for his own good. He thinks a lot. When he grows up he wants to be that intelligent slacker that somehow makes a living via obscure and indeterminable methods. He is a fine modern gentleman.

Christopher Udemans – Enigma. Intellectual. Polymath. Or at least he likes to think so. After finishing an undergraduate degree in music he went on to undertake honours in journalism at Stellenbosch University. He hopes to make a living using pen and paper, residing in places where others would fear to tread. Christopher is happy so long as he can write about what he thinks, think about what he reads, read about what he writes and has a bit of food to eat in between.

Kim Harrisberg spent most of her 22 years growing up in the golden city of Egoli. Here she learnt many things, such as the importance of not staying in one place for too long. She dislikes the term “gap year” but this is what she took after 12 years in the schooling system. She travelled through the complex and colourful Israel, realising that there are some things you can never learn from a textbook. Since then, travel has been her first and foremost lover. She loves how journalism can act as an information scrapbook, allowing the writer to collect eclectic, vicarious experiences through his/her topics of interest. She is also an evangelistic hummus-eater and a dedicated sprout-grower.

Xanthe Hunt is a part-time optimist, occasional cynic, and sporadic pessimist. She is also a full-time environmentalist and lover of the outdoors. She learned to write when she was five, and hasn’t stopped since then. She is a scribbler and a poet, a taker-of-notes and a list-maker. She is interested in everything and judgmental of nothing. She likes her country and loves her continenet, dislikes arrogance and hates prejudice. She is a tomboy with a soft-side and a work-a-holic in the making

Gerrit van Rooyen grew up in Bellville, a northern suburb of Cape Town, affectionately referred to as Bellville Rock City. In an alternate universe, Gerrit would be a rock star. But in this reality he will have to settle for being a wannabe musician. The first step in achieving his ultimate goal of becoming the immortal master of the universe is to work as a journalist. He would primarily like to work as a political, finance and opinion writer but wouldn’t mind travel journal­ism either. He is currently enrolled in the BPhil Journalism course at Stellenbosch and previously studied postgraduate Economics at the same university.

Fhumulani Justice Khumela is a future scholar of some sort. He is an international relations graduate pursuing a career in the media industry. For this soccer crazy fan, intoxication, words, art, love and courage are what he thrives on.When all is said and done, Fhumulani says a healthy and happy mind is all a man has in this world.


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